Hear Life Clearly Again

Do you struggle with distracting tinnitus symptoms or have difficulty hearing conversations? We understand how debilitating these issues can be and want to help you reclaim your quality of life. Introducing Quietum Plus – an all-natural supplement clinically shown to provide relief from tinnitus and support overall ear health. Formulated with a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, and botanicals, Quietum Plus targets the root causes of hearing loss and ear discomfort to help you hear clearly again.

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Hear Clearly at Every Volume

We offer three package options to help you rediscover clear hearing with Quietum Plus – choose the supply that works best for your budget and needs.


The 1 month supply of Quietum Plus is a great way to try out the supplement and see if it provides relief for your tinnitus symptoms. This convenient package includes 1 bottle of Quietum Plus, providing a 30 day supply with 60 easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsules. Take 2 capsules daily with food to start experiencing the hearing clarity and tinnitus relief benefits of Quietum Plus. The 1 month supply is available for a one-time purchase of $69 plus free US shipping.


The 6 month supply of Quietum Plus is the best value package for long-term ear health support and tinnitus symptom relief. This bundle comes with 6 bottles, providing a 180 day supply with 360 capsules total to maintain healthy hearing and coherence. Consistent daily use of Quietum Plus over 6 months allows the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to truly boost ear and brain cell regeneration, clear away tinnitus disturbances, and help you rediscover sound clarity. The 6 month supply bundles 6 bottles for $294, breaking down to $49 per bottle plus free US shipping – saving you $360 compared to monthly purchases.


The 3 month supply of Quietum Plus is the most popular package, providing a 90 day supply of our powerful hearing and tinnitus relief formula. This value bundle includes 3 bottles of Quietum Plus, giving you 180 capsules total. With the consistent use over 3 months, the key ingredients in Quietum Plus can start rebuilding your ear health and providing noticeable improvements in hearing ability while diminishing distracting tinnitus symptoms. The 3 month supply bundles 3 bottles for $177, breaking down to $59 per bottle plus free US shipping – saving you $150 compared to buying monthly.

Hear from Real Customers

Quietum Plus has helped men and women of all ages finally achieve relief from nagging tinnitus symptoms and bothersome hearing loss – read genuine words from actual customers who have transformed their ear health with our formula.

Quietum Plus - Official Online Website

Living with constant ringing and buzzing sounds for over 10 years really started impacting my quality of life. I had trouble hearing conversations and it was frustrating. After taking Quietum Plus, I noticed relief in just a few short weeks. Now after 3 months, my tinnitus symptoms have improved drastically, with the noises happening about 80% less than before. I can hear my grandchildren clearly now when they speak to me. Quietum Plus gave me my life back and I don’t dread gatherings with family anymore thanks to the formula’s effects. I recommend it to anyone struggling with tinnitus disturbances.

Quietum Plus - Official Online Website

As a veteran, I suffered hearing loss and severe tinnitus that made daily life so challenging. The ringing and buzzing sounds were constant and no medication helped. I felt hopeless. After adding Quietum Plus, I started noticing improvements within weeks. Now, after consistent use, my hearing has been restored to levels I never thought possible again. The tinnitus rarely flares up now and when it does, it’s very minor. I can function normally and hear my family clearly. Quietum Plus gave me back clarity and quiet – I don’t know where I’d be without it. I urge my fellow veterans to try it.

Quietum Plus - Official Online Website

As a music teacher, hearing clear sound is everything. When I started losing my hearing in my 30s, I was devastated. On top of muffled sounds, I had nonstop buzzing noises in both ears. I had to stop teaching beloved students. Quietum Plus completely transformed my life – after a few months, my hearing was not only restored, but the tinnitus disturbances were gone! I can hear every note perfectly again and have reopened my voice and piano studios. My students are thrilled to continue our musical journeys together thanks to Quietum Plus. I’m so grateful for getting back gifts that make life worth living. This formula truly works miracles!

More Than Just Clear Sound: Additional Benefits of Restored Hearing

Quietum Plus - Official Online Website

Healthier Relationships: Connecting with loved ones is more fulfilling when you don’t have to struggle to hear the meaningful words they are saying.

Lower Anxiety and Depression: Not straining to hear decreases frustration and isolation, letting you engage positively with the world around you.

Greater Safety Awareness: Picking up subtle sounds alerts you to potential hazards, allowing you to respond prudently.

Hear Life’s Greatest Moments Clearly

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First Dates

Making meaningful connections starts with clear conversations full of flirty banter and mental sparring.

Quietum Plus - Official Online Website

Capture perfect smiles and magical moments as you clearly hear the camera clicking and directives from photographers.

Quietum Plus - Official Online Website
Public Speaking

Inspire audiences by speaking fluidly, modulating your voice, and engaging dynamically without straining.

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